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What is Back to School Week?

Future First’s Back to School Week Birmingham is connecting thousands of people from the area with their old school so they can inspire and motivate students. Every young person deserves to believe in their future and alumni can help them see what’s possible.

Why Back to School Week Birmingham?

The Careers and Enterprise Company’s ‘Cold Spot Analysis’ highlights the specific needs of an area, so that careers support can be tailored and targeted. If an area falls within the bottom third of an indicator it is seen to be ‘in need’ or ‘cold’.

The analysis highlights Greater Birmingham most in need in the following areas:

  • percentage of students known to be eligible for free school meals: 18.7%
  • percentage of pupils attaining 5+ A*-C GCSE (including English and Maths): 56.3%
  • percentage in sustained apprenticeship destination post-KS4: 4.4%

Future First evidence shows:

  • 94% of teachers from FF member schools thought that interacting with alumni improved pupils’ knowledge about potential career and education pathways.
  • 92% of teachers from FF member schools thought that interaction with alumni improved pupils’ knowledge of the links between what they are studying and future education and career pathways.
  • YouGov research found that there are 10m UK adults willing and ready to go back to their old school or college to volunteer, if they were asked.
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‘So you’re thinking about Future First membership’: a webinar for schools and colleges

'So you're thinking about Future First membership': a webinar for schools and colleges

Previous campaigns

Back to School Week has been a major success in the past. The week has connected thousands of alumni with their old schools so they can inspire current students as career and education role models. Over the past four years, we have seen over 6,000 alumni sign up to ‘go back and give back’. Over 500 careers workshops have taken place up and down the country. We’ve seen ex-Labour leader, Ed Miliband, build campaigns with Year 7s at his school in Camden, and High Court Judge, Wendy Joseph, host students from her old school in Cardiff at the Old Bailey. Schools Minister, Nick Gibb, went back for a tour of his school. Political journalist, Fiona Bruce, returned to speak to students about her pathway since school, and Radio 1 DJ, Scott Mills, returned to speak to Year 9 students about apprenticeships and stamina in the face of rejection. We’ve also seen a whole host of lawyers, engineers, plumbers, doctors, students, apprentices, scientists, physicians, drivers and dancers, to name a few, join the movement and go back and give back.