May 2020

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Responding to the BPS open letter calling on the Government to limit the long-term impact of the pandemic on young people’s mental health, (19 05 2020), Justin Smith, Chief Executive Officer of Future First said:

‘The Covid-19 pandemic will resonate within our young people for many years if they are not given the support they need now.

Young people are facing many challenges including massive disruption to their educational and social development. Many are still coming to terms with these changes including missing out on some major milestones of their formative years; the memories of key exams, work experience, summer proms and induction days will not exist in the minds of a whole cohort of children.

We support the proposal to deliver a wellbeing support package for schools, enabling them to prioritise wellbeing now and over the next academic year, and providing guidance and resources on how to manage transitions when it is safe for students to return to school.

In this time of uncertainty for young people, role models are more important than ever before. Our volunteers are supporting schools in creative ways offering guidance on resilience, advice on higher education for those missing out on open days and online mentoring; helping students come to terms with their new normal and looking and what choices might come next.

We are committed to helping schools and colleges provide support to young people at this time to boost confidence, increase motivation and improve life chances.’

For more information visit or call 0207 239 8933.

We are delighted to announce we have partnered with the online mentoring charity, Brightside, to deliver Future Me Mentoring, an eight-week online mentoring programme to support young people during the coronavirus crisis. Year 11 and 12 students at a crucial stage of their education will benefit from receiving personalised advice and guidance from relatable role models.

Thanks to the generous support of our partners, from early June, up to 250 students across 12 schools will be matched with mentors who are either former students of their school or from the local area. Over two months, students will be supported online with preparing for the transition into college, sixth form and/or their post 18 pathways. As part of the programme they will have opportunities to explore their skills and strengths, gain advice and guidance on writing good applications and developing transferable skills.

We’re incredibly excited to get this programme off the ground, providing much needed support to young people and helping them to make confident and informed decisions about their next steps.

Our work to offer interactions with alumni who can help build the confidence, motivation and life chances of young people remains completely unchanged even in these challenging times. We are committed to supporting schools and colleges in any way we can.

Contact us to find out more or discuss online mentoring and alumni networks.