A message of support to schools and colleges

19 March 2020

Following the announcement of school and college closures, I am reaching out with a message of support. In these difficult and uncertain times, we want to reassure schools and colleges that Future First is still here to help.

We are continuing to build alumni networks and engage with volunteers on your behalf so that your alumni are ready to support when situations change. There are lots of ways alumni can continue to support current students remotely – this could be content for social media, website, online school work or printed sheets.

Like many other organisations we are available through conference call and video facilities to maintain contact with you.

The situation continues to develop but for Future First, the importance of using alumni to impact the confidence, motivation and life chances of young people remains completely unchanged and we are committed to supporting schools and colleges in any way we can.

I would also like to personally thank those schools and members of staff who are supporting the national effort to address this situation. Please know that your work is being applauded by many partner organisations and appreciated by all of us.

For further information on how we can support your school or college, please contact info@futurefirst.org.uk or call 020 7239 8933.

Justin Smith, CEO