13 December 2021

Alumni inspire students with ‘gems’ of advice

At Future First we believe that all state school and college students should have someone they can look up to, someone who knows what it’s like to be in their shoes.

With a ready-made relatable network of 270,000 state educated volunteers, we tapped into their knowledge and experience for some inspiration.

A few weeks ago we launched our Alumni Gems competition, in which we asked former students to answer one of the following questions to help inspire and motivate current students, as well as to be in with a chance to win a prize:

  1. When life smacked you in the face, who came to your school and made you believe in yourself again? What would you like to say to them now?
  2. Already volunteered with students or young people? What made you sign up? What made it worth doing?
  3. We live in wild times: what one piece of wise advice would you give to students in their final year?
  4. If your 16-year-old-self had met one of our sparkly Future First alumni role models, how do you think things might have been different for you?

We received over 150 invaluable pieces of advice and guidance from our community of alumni to help inspire young students and crucially, help kickstart dialogue between them.

We’re proud to announce the winners of our Alumni Gems competition:

1st place: Adnan, alumni of Winterhill school

2nd place: Eireann, alumni of Graveney School Sixth Form

3rd place: Emily, alumni of Sackville Secondary School


Congratulations to all three winners, and a huge thank you to everyone who took the time to use their voice and share their story to help inspire someone just like them.

“Your reflections, words of wisdom and advice really could make a huge difference to the young people we support up and down the country. Thank you to everyone who made a contribution.” – Lorraine Langham, Future First CEO.

At Future First, we know that role models make a meaningful and lasting impact on young people’s lives, anyone can be a role model – a success story isn’t always about achieving straight As and getting the top job. Our alumni volunteers come from all walks of life and have often taken an interesting route to get to where they are today.

Interested in joining our growing alumni movement? Sign-up now.

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