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Young people need role models like never before – so we’re giving you a chance to win Amazon vouchers in return for sending them your advice or ‘alumni gems’.

As a former student, your alumni gems could mean the world to a young person preparing to take their next steps in life.

Parents, teachers and other adults can try to motivate and encourage students as much as they like, but often it’s hearing from someone ‘like them’, a former student closer in age and circumstance, that really helps get the message across. 

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Your messages will resonate with someone, somewhere – a current student struggling to think about their future, or perhaps a former student who just needed a final nudge to get involved and give back. That’s why we’ll showcase the advice we receive across our platforms – apart from that dodgy movie filmed by Geoff after a few pints down the King’s. Not good.

Remember how daunting those first steps out of school or college were? Keep that in mind when choosing one of the four questions below and keep your responses short, sweet and impactful.

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