Barrister inspires young people to aim high

Photograph credit: Laurie Lewis

Barrister Alexandra Wilson has thrown her support behind Future First’s mission to build alumni networks in state schools across the country.

The black female lawyer hit the news headlines last month when she revealed that she had been mistaken for the defendant three times in one day.

Yet her determination to succeed and overcome prejudice is summed up in her defiant message: “I’m 24. I’m mixed-race. I’m from Essex. I’m not posh. I worked hard and NEVER listened when people said the Bar wasn’t for people like me. THIS is what a barrister looks like.”

Announcing her support for Future First, Alexandra said: “Providing relatable role models for all students is so important. After all, you can’t be what you can’t see. I’m pleased to support Future First’s mission to build alumni networks in state schools, and hope my story inspires young people to aim high.”

As well as being a barrister, Alexandra is also a published author and the founder of Black Women in Law.

Responding to Alexandra’s support, Future First’s Chief Executive, Lorraine Langham, said: “We are so delighted that Alexandra is supporting our effort to ensure that no young person’s start in life determines their future.

“Her story should be an inspiration for every young person, especially those who feel barriers block the way of them pursuing the career of their dreams.

“Role models are vital for young people to show them a future that can be theirs.”