Annual Review 2017/18

We are proud to present our Annual Review for 2017/18.

At Future First we have built a network of nearly a quarter of a million state school alumni – and it’s growing every week. In collaboration with schools and colleges, alumni, employers and our supporters, we are improving the life chances of young people each and every day.

In 2017/18 we worked with over 500 state schools and colleges, with volunteers contributing 7132 hours at 1201 events, and we were supported by hundreds more remotely. In partnership with our member schools we reached a massive 82,525 young people, providing opportunities for them to meet relatable role models, broaden their horizons, and open up new worlds of possibility. We have also grown our reach into areas of the lowest social mobility, working in schools and colleges right across the country, from Cornwall to Newcastle, including piloting our primary school offer in Knowsley.

“I’ve already been working harder because I have more confidence and I want a job now when I’m older. Maybe like the ones I learnt about.” – Year 5 pupil, Plantation Primary School

In 2018/19 we are continuing with our aim to see every state school and college supported by a thriving and engaged community of former students, giving all young people access to alumni role models and meaningful social capital. We are passionate about the value that alumni networks bring to students, levelling the social mobility playing field to ensure that no young persons’ future is limited by their start in life.

To find out more about how Future First can work with you and your school please get in touch.