East Norfolk Sixth Form College talk alumni networking

Our guest post is from East Norfolk Sixth Form College talking about their alumni network evening.

A key part of establishing a successful alumni network is finding ways to build a feeling of community amongst former students and engaging them in school or college life. A number of our alumni expressed an interest in interacting with each other as well as students, and enjoy opportunities to consider their own skill development. Hosting an alumni networking event was a great way to engage alumni to feel a part of the school or college community, and can increase the likelihood of alumni volunteering with students.

Former students at East Norfolk Sixth Form College returned to the campus for an informal get together at our first Alumni Network Evening. We invited former students to get in touch and share their stories to help encourage and inspire future students. Students had benefitted from interactions with relatable role-models, allowing them to consider their own future, but the college also wanted to reach out to alumni to interact with each other as well as students.

As well as interacting with other alumni, attendees of the networking event had the opportunity to speak to members of the College’s management team and reminisce about their time at the college. They also had the opportunity to tour the campus and see for themselves the changes that have taken place since their time at the college.

We have a long and proud history of supporting young people to reach the very highest levels in their education. Former students have gone on to acting in the West End, running their own businesses, working in the NHS as dentists, doctors and surgeons, teaching or working across the World, designing new structures as engineers and architects, working in the military and numerous other careers. This is a valuable resource of expertise for students and fellow alumni to draw upon, allowing for a prosperous college community.

Dr Richards, Principal of East Norfolk Sixth Form, said; “Our former students are a true inspiration for our current young people and we are very proud to include top civil servants, musicians, artists and professors as members of our alumni. We love it when former students get in touch to support our current students and to help illustrate how they can benefit from an EN education and the advantages that studying at the College can offer.”


East Norfolk Sixth Form College have worked with Future First to create and engage their alumni network since January 2019. Contact us to find out about Future First and how we can support you to involve alumni in the school curriculum and meet the Gatsby Benchmarks.