06 July 2017

Our Executive Chair responds to Reality Check: A report on university applicants’ attitudes and perceptions

Responding to Reality Check: A report on university applicants’ attitudes and perceptions, produced by the Higher Education Policy Institute (HEPI) and Unite Students on 04 07 2017 which says more can be done to prepare young people for higher education, Christine Gilbert, our Executive Chair, and former Ofsted Chief Inspector, said:

“There can be a significant gap between the reality of life at university and in higher education and the expectations of students about to embark on studies there. Working alongside teachers and careers staff in schools, alumni have a crucial role to play in informing young people about what to expect from student life.

Many Future First alumni returning to schools and colleges to talk to current students are themselves now in further education. They’re well placed to inform sixth formers about all aspects of becoming a student, from academic needs to managing finances including tuition fees, budgets and rent as well as the social aspects of becoming a student.

Future First endorses the report’s call for universities, policymakers, schools and accommodation providers to work together to prepare young people to make the challenging transition with confidence.”

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  1. Though I am from Aquinas and my school is #1 on the still pending votes for the 2011 top 10 schools in Ghana, I think its high time we based the rankings on Acdiamecs and not on mere votes.

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