Future First’s Annual Review for 2019-20

We are delighted to be able to share with you Future First’s Annual Review for 2019-20.

The past year’s challenges have not prevented us from continuing to achieve for young people. Innovating and reshaping our offer allowed us to work with nearly 70,000 young people in over 400 schools and colleges, and grow our alumni network to over 266,000 volunteers. Hearing from alumni, as powerful, relatable role models has a significant impact on young people’s confidence, motivation to study harder and resilience. Alumni show them a world beyond their experience, helping them to see what they can achieve and giving them the knowledge, tools and networks they need to get there.

It is a decade since Future First was formed and we have come a long way from originally working with just six schools. We have even greater ambitions for the future and this review shares those plans with you, as well as the highlights of the past year.

With educational inequalities growing, our work is now more important than ever, so we thank everyone we work with for helping us to make a lasting difference to the lives and life chances of so many young people.

Download the Annual Review.