Volunteering at Whitechapel Mission

Harry, Nat, Lauren, Josh, Edina, Naomi and Joy at Whitechapel Mission

Last week, some of the team volunteered at Whitechapel Mission as part of our annual volunteering day here at Future First. We chose the charity because homelessness is a cause that we all favoured and having been around for over 140 years with a great reputation we were more than happy to give our time to Whitechapel Mission.

The volunteering didn’t involve any preparation or lengthy training which meant we could get straight to it, perfect for a group who are only able to give a short amount of time as either a one off or regular session. The team split into two, with some sorting through clothing donations and the rest measuring clothing and labelling them with their correct size. It was great doing something practical and very different from our day to day work.


“It was great to do something practical where we could understand the direct impact of the work we were doing. It was nice to feel a sense of achievement when we had sorted lots of clothes! Everyone at the Whitechapel Mission made us feel welcome and reinforced the positive impact of their work so that our contribution felt worthwhile.” – Naomi

“The focused nature of the volunteering meant that we were really able to make a difference, even in a short amount of time, and made the experience inclusive for anyone who might want to take part!” – Lauren

“It was a lovely way to spend a morning and gain real insight into the day to day operations of another charity. We were made to feel very welcome and it was great knowing that our contribution was making a difference!” – Edina