26 July 2021

Career Ready with Future First

We’re delighted to be working with Career Ready, the UK-wide social mobility charity, to host young people for internships.

The pandemic has cut the opportunities available for young people, especially those from less advantaged backgrounds, and we’re proud to be working with Career Ready to help fix this and invest in young talent.

Over the coming weeks our new intern, Nardos Sheshay, will work across the charity on a range of different projects, developing the skills, confidence, and experience she needs to kickstart her future. As an employer, this is also a great way for us to connect with young, diverse talent.

With Career Ready, we’ll make a transformational difference to young lives, boosting their social mobility, attainment, and wellbeing:

  • 95% of Career Ready alumni secured HE or FE qualifications, compared to 77% of their non-programme peers
  • 90% of Career Ready alumni said they developed key workplace skills
  • 87% of Career Ready alumni said the experience had a positive impact on their life

Here’s what Nardos had to say:

“Raised in Manchester, I’m someone who enjoys understanding different ideas and environments and expressing my creativity through a variety of mediums. Therefore, since taking the opportunity with Future First I am excited to have been able to participate in a variety of activities, such as being given the responsibility to set up meetings, which allowed me to gain practical IT skills and be adaptive and independent instead of being reliant on other people. This helped push my out of my comfort zone in a positive way!

I have also participated in assessing some prototypes for our new platform and presenting my honest feedback. This allowed me to express my creativity and challenge my immediate thought process. I believe that divergent thinking is a critical skill and this activity has helped with that. Also, another amazing opportunity that I have taken part in is making a conclusive presentation concerning Future First and presenting it to members of staff. This has given me the chance to build many skills such as self-reliance, interpersonal skills, and confidence.

In the future, I have a desire to study human behaviour by way of higher education, whether that will lead to a clinical route or the counselling route I am still to see. However, I believe that through this great experience as an intern, I have gained the gems that every student will need to excel in their chosen career! So, I highly recommend any student to take on an internship regardless of who they may be, opportunities will never cease to come your way but it’s up to you if you want to take them, you have nothing to lose – go for it, you’ll gain more than you would have expected!”

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