Chepstow School puts students’ Future First

Former students from Chepstow School are being asked to go back to the classroom and inspire current pupils to grasp the futures they want.

Chepstow School has joined Future First to help develop past pupil networks so students can harness the talents and experiences of alumni to support the next generation.

Former students will return to volunteer at assemblies and workshops, designed to motivate today’s pupils to broaden their job horizons and increase their chances of accessing their chosen careers regardless of their background.

Chepstow is one of a thousand state secondary schools and colleges across Britain which have worked with Future First. Future First’s vision is that every state school or college should be supported by a thriving and engaged alumni community that helps it to do more for its students.

More than 260,000 former students nationwide have already signed up to stay connected with their old school. They’re motivating young people as career and education role models, mentors, work experience providers, governors and fundraisers.

Chepstow School wants to contact former students who have gone on to achieve career success and recent leavers now in further education or training.

Matthew Sims, Headteacher at Chepstow School said ‘We signed up to Future First’s scheme straightaway. A network of past students with all their valuable experience will be vital in helping us to broaden current pupils’ job horizons and equip them for the world of work.’

Whilst visiting Chepstow School, former pupil and Chief Officer for People & Governance, Matt Phillips, said “It’s been brilliant coming back to Chepstow school, many years after I was here as a pupil, engaging with a really interesting group of year 11 students. I was reassured to speak to those who, a lot like me, didn’t really have a clear direction of where they wanted to go, but it was great talking about those options and avenues they could explore. I’m very much looking forward to the opportunity to return to the school and work with these students in more detail.”

Lorraine Langham, Chief Executive Officer of Future First, said: “Alumni show young people a world of opportunity and a future that could be theirs. We want to give them hope for the future and the confidence and motivation they need to succeed.

“It would be wonderful if former Chepstow pupils could sign up and give back to the students of today who are following in their footsteps. It will provide them with the reassurance that comes from hearing what it took for someone who sat in the very same classroom to make a success of their lives in a wide array of fields.”

Former students from Chepstow School can sign-up to their network here.