Comedy stars back our crowdfunding appeal

Our crowdfunding appeal has already registered tub-thumping support, with star TV comedy act Dick & Dom throwing their weight behind the campaign.

Dick got behind our Twitter hashtag #IWentToStateSchool, posting: “I went to Tapton School and then Norton College to study media… I now push my mate Dom round in a bathtub!”

The backing of the comedy duo, who have found fame with their BBC children’s TV shows, is fantastic news for Future First’s crowdfunding campaign. The crowdfunder is aiming to create an alumni programme in every state school across the country so today’s pupils can be motivated and inspired to go on and succeed.

Future First’s Chief Executive, Lorraine Langham, said: “I’m so delighted that Dick & Dom are supporting our campaign.

“Alumni show children a world of opportunity and a future that could be theirs. Dick & Dom are living proof that the most wonderful careers are available to young people no matter what their circumstances.

“This crowdfunding campaign is so important, the more people we can get to sign up and support it, the more current students can learn from those who have left their school and found success. We know that meeting past students can make a significant difference.”