CPD sessions for school staff

In October 2015, we launched our menu of training sessions for school staff. The Future First team has been delivering these CPD sessions at school inset days up and down the country. The sessions aim to equip staff with the knowledge and expertise to build thriving alumni networks and effectively engage alumni volunteers to support their students.

Schools on our core service are offered an unlimited number of training sessions each year. The sessions provide a unique opportunity to deepen the impact of the alumni network across the school and encourage more staff to get involved. Lesson plans and resources are shared after the sessions, enabling school staff to run these sessions themselves in the future. .

Feedback from school staff has been excellent so far. Lewis School Pengam recently asked Future First to run a cross-departmental session for school staff. They were introduced to the benefits of using volunteers in the classroom before planning their own interventions.

The staff told us they have been inspired to think about using alumni volunteers more because of the sessions. Next the school will be running a drop-down day at which a Solicitor and a Barrister will participate in a lesson. Year 7 students have been doing a scheme of work on the law since they came back after half term and this will be the culmination of the scheme ahead of their assessment.