08 April 2021

From Stockwell to CEO of two successful start-ups

Introducing you to Emmanuel Balogun, an inspiring young CEO of two successful start-ups: Find Your Feet Careers & Enterprises CIC and easySEO.

Emmanuel is 29 years old and grew up in Stockwell, South London and recalls having a happy childhood but that apart from his mother, there were no clear role models to look towards. Emmanuel says: “I knew I wanted to be successful, but I didn’t exactly know how I could become successful. Everyone that I looked up to that was a ‘role model’ didn’t really look like me or didn’t really come from the same background as me”.

Emmanuel explains that his immediate environment included a lot of youth crime, gang violence and drug use and that he didn’t want that life for himself, so instead took a job offered by “someone who believed in me”, and then found his way to the Prince’s Trust.

With the help of the Prince’s Trust, Emmanuel set up a now successful digital marketing agency – Find Your Feet – and also partnered with Sir Stelios Haji-Ioannou (founder of easyJet) to create easySEO. Since embarking on this journey, Emmanuel has delivered programmes to Facebook, YouTube, Amazon, The Princes Trust, easyJet and many more.

Through Find Your Feet, Emmanuel supports charities and organisations by commissioning workshops and delivering programmes tailored to providing digital skills and online marketing to young people so that they can learn how to run successful Digital Marketing campaigns. This allows them to gain the fundamental work skills and the tools necessary to step into a career in digital marketing or start a new business.

Future First is pleased to be partnering with Emmanuel and Find Your Feet Careers & Enterprises CIC for the benefit of young people. Emmanuel adds: “Future First is a charity that help the type of young people that I once was. Working to change the lives of young people from disadvantaged backgrounds is something I’ve found great passion in as a role model to young people – it’s great to work with an organisation that is doing similar work within the community”.

Watch this space for further announcements about our work with Emmanuel and Find Your Feet.