Future First and Northern Power Women launch partnership


The life chances of young people across the country have been given a huge boost thanks to a new partnership just launched between Northern Power Women (NPW) and Future First.

NPW – a ground-breaking network of business people – and education charity Future First have joined forces to give the next generation the support and encouragement they need to make a success of their lives, while also allowing businesses to connect with up-and-coming talent.

With NPW offering a powerful network of role models and Future First providing a decade’s experience of supporting alumni to give back to their former schools, the partnership promises to provide lasting benefits for both young people and businesses at a critical time for the UK.

Central to the partnership is the development of a digital link between the two organisations’ networks. Future First will build a digital hub to connect with NPW’s existing Power Platform. 

Simone Roche MBE, Founder and Chief Executive Officer of NPW, said: “The heart of this partnership is about what we can do together. We want to be able to inform academia about corporates and vice versa.

“It will inform, it will inspire, it will educate, it will raise aspirations and it will be a two-way street.”

Lorraine Langham, Chief Executive Officer of Future First, said: “Our new partnership with Northern Power Women is just fantastic news for students, schools and businesses across the country. 

“We are all facing a new, sometimes daunting, but nonetheless incredibly exciting future. For every region, every business, every school and every young person it’s vital we come together, share our knowledge and expertise so our collective future is better than our past – that’s why this partnership means so much.”

Set up five years ago, NPW was born out of a need to accelerate gender equality in the North and currently has a 60,000-strong network. It now spreads across the UK and spans all sectors, genders and race demographics. 

The organisation has also set up Northern Power Futures, which works to bring further and higher education institutions together with relatable role models from corporate organisations.