Future First welcomes CET report

Future First has welcomed the Commercial Education Trust’s (CET) latest research into the feasibility of a commercial education competency framework.

It raises several far-reaching questions for educationalists, policy makers, business leaders and charities working in this area.

Programme Innovations Director, Leon Ward said:

“We have been working successfully alongside the CET for a number of years now and our ‘Commerce in the Classroom’ initiative has provided crucial insight into commercial careers for students in schools and colleges across the country, some based in notable social mobility ‘cold spots’.

“Future First recognises that for too many young people, their start in life is limiting their future. They do not have access to relatable role models to help them understand what they can achieve, nor the networks, knowledge, personal skills, attributes or tools to help them to get there. 

“With CET’s goal to embed ‘commercial ability’ into UK life and support young people’s transition into the workplace, we look forward to discussing the research and continuing our work with the trust to improve prospects for young people”.