Future First’s response to Children’s Commissioner speech

Future First has welcomed comments by the Children’s Commissioner, Anne Longfield, highlighting the need to put children at the heart of the country’s efforts to rebuild following the Covid crisis.

In a speech to mark the end of her tenure as Children’s Commissioner for England, Ms Longfield highlighted the negative impact of an unprecedented year on children, particularly those from disadvantaged backgrounds.

Future First Chief Executive, Lorraine Langham, welcomed Ms Longfield’s call for children to be put “centre stage” of the government’s levelling up agenda.

“With fears emerging that young people are losing all hope for the future due to the turmoil created by this crisis, it is vital we give them the confidence and belief that they can succeed,” she said.

“That is why the work of charities such as Future First is now more important than ever. Our work to connect students across the country with alumni as powerful, relatable role models has continued through the past year. We know that these connections boost confidence, resilience and motivation to study when young people are needing it most.

“For every young person we help inspire and motivate to succeed, we help improve not just the fortunes of that young person but also the fortunes of our communities and society as a whole, as we emerge from a dismal year.

“The Children’s Commissioner has called on us all to play our part in ensuring that a child’s start in life does not determine their future. This is our mission. The stark facts she has presented today show that we must all redouble our efforts to focus on the disadvantaged child in order to build back better for everyone.”

Download the slides from the Children’s Commissioner’s speech here.