Future First welcomes report on The Value of Volunteering

At Future First, we know first-hand that volunteering in schools and colleges provides lasting benefit to young people. The evidence in a new report by the Education and Employers charity that it also benefits the employees and organisations that give up their time is particularly heartening and chimes with what our volunteers tell us.

The report reveals that volunteering in schools and colleges enhances the skills, motivation, and productivity of employees who take part. Recognising that volunteering in education also radically improves young people’s life chances, it concludes the practice is a ‘win-win’. We couldn’t agree more.

Last year, Future First worked with over 70,000 students and has some 270,000 alumni volunteers signed up to help. Their work really does make a difference to the lives and life chances of young people – and they tell us how enjoyable and rewarding it is too.

Future First’s work with employer partners and alumni volunteers to provide young people with relatable role models is helping address educational inequality across the country and it is gratifying to know it also benefits the volunteers and employers who work with us.