Future Me Online Mentoring Evaluation Report 2020

Future Me Online Mentoring connected students at 14 secondary schools across the UK with alumni mentors to provide advice about their future pathways through online messaging. 

Our findings show that by the end of the programme students who participated had an increased understanding of the pathways available to them, as well as the skills required to achieve them and the practical steps they need to take. Many students created action plans and used spreadsheets to make detailed plans for their next steps. As a result, their confidence also increased with students now feeling more positive about their futures.

Since the project has ended a number of volunteers and students have been in touch to offer thanks and personal testimony. This programme highlights the potential of online mentoring as a tool which allows volunteers to engage flexibly, and students to access support remotely. There is significant potential to expand on this to provide support to greater numbers of students, perhaps through a blended learning approach now the majority have returned to school. We are looking into ways to make this a reality.

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