16 June 2022

How primary school alumni can help students transition to secondary school

Primary school pupils will academically and socially struggle with the move to secondary school as an effect of lockdown, TES recently reported

At Future First we have worked with a number of primary schools who engage with the secondary schools that they feed through our ‘Bridging the Gap’ programme. 

Our solution is relatively straightforward, we use primary school alumni, who are now in KS3 or KS4 to mentor students in Year 6 before they transition to secondary schools. This builds on the already deep relationship primaries have with their corresponding secondary schools through a simple mentoring programme, where primary school students get to speak to secondary school students, and ask all of the questions they have about the transition and the experience. 

We trialled this during the COVID years and we saw:

  • a 17% increase in the number of Y6’s who felt more confident speaking to new people
  • a 19% increase in the teamworking skills of Y6’s
  • an 11% increase in the number of Y6’s who felt well prepared for secondary school

88% of primary school students also told us they learnt something about secondary school from their mentors. The benefits are vast to both primary school mentees and their secondary school mentors. You can read more details here. 

Future First is also delighted to be able to offer a small number of subsidised places on our Bridging the Gap programme thanks to the Dulverton Trust. If you are a Primary school in England (excluding London), Wales or Scotland and are interested, please email Leon.ward@futurefirst.org.uk to find out if you’re eligible.

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