Launching the new Future First toolkit and portal

We’re delighted to launch our new digital toolkit. For the first time, we have combined all our knowledge, advice and guidance as the UK’s leading alumni experts into our easy to use toolkit, which is packed with top tips, case studies, templates, how-to guides, and resources to help schools and colleges make the most of their alumni networks.

The launch of the toolkit comes at an exciting time for Future First, as we encourage more and more schools to manage alumni engagement themselves. For the first time, our knowledge has been transferred to an easy-to-use tool for schools, taking us another step closer to our mission being realised: a sustainable alumni community in every state school and college.

The toolkit is divided into four main sections. In ‘Getting Started’, we help schools set objectives for their programme, introduce them to the new portal and help set staff responsibilities in school. In ‘Build and Engage’, we discuss how to grow the numbers of former students and provide guidance on turning names and email addresses into committed volunteers in school. The ‘Mobilise’ section is packed full of ideas for involving alumni in school, with volunteer management guides, lesson plans and resources for workshops and assemblies.

At the time of launch, we’ve also made some exciting improvements to our alumni portal for schools. We’ve sped up the system so data can be accessed easier. The sign up process for alumni has improved. We’ve centralised the mailing system so that each school has a bespoke email address for their alumni to contact them on.

We’re really excited about these developments, and hope our member schools and colleges are too. If you’re not yet a member of Future First, and interested in trying out the toolkit and portal, or you are a friend or supporter interested in having a look, please email