Future First responds to government review on student finance and university funding

Responding to the government’s plans for a review on student finance and university funding announced today ( 19 02 2018),  Matt Lent, Chief Executive Officer of Future First, said:

“Future First welcomes the review of student finance and university funding.  A key priority of this review must be in reducing the gap in outcomes between those born in high and low income households.  We therefore urge the review to bear in mind that every student must be able to access a higher education course of their choice, whether that be academic, technical or vocational, regardless of their background.

We also support the Government’s ambition to create parity between academic university qualifications and technical skills qualifications, but it will be vital that the review be backed by appropriate investment in order to make this a reality.”


For further information please contact:

Matt Lent, Chief Executive Officer, Future First matt.lent@futurefirst.org.uk 0207 239 8933

Sue Crabtree Press Officer. Future First sue.crabtree@futurefirst.org.uk 0207 239 8933



About Future First.

Future First is a leading national education charity with the vision that every state school and college should be supported by a thriving, engaged community of former students who help schools do more for current students.

Future First has worked in 900 state schools and colleges across Britain enabling state schools to harness the talents of alumni to inspire and support current students as career and education role models, work experience providers, mentors and e-mentors, governors, donors and fundraisers and as volunteers more widely.

More than 200,000 former students are registered with Future First to stay connected with their former state school or college. They include leading employers, celebrities and everyday heroes in a range of careers from the professions of law and medicine to plumbing and photography.

Every day, Future First alumni are acting as relatable role models to students in their old seats, with stories that are inspirational but also achievable.

Alumni networks have been utilised by many private schools and universities for generations. Future First is the first organisation to embed alumni networks across the state sector.

Future First/YouGov research shows:

  • 70 per cent of 16 to 19-year-olds think it will be hard to get a job when they leave school or college.
  • Nearly 39 per cent don’t know anyone in a job they would like to do.
  • Ex-state school students are ten times more likely to view themselves as unsuccessful compared with their privately educated peers.
  • 75 per cent of state school students who attend a Future First event say they are motivated to work harder in school now.
  • More than 10 million British adults are willing to support current students at their former state school or college.