Future First responds to Education and Employers report

Future First responds to Education and Employers report ‘Disconnected: Career aspirations and jobs in the UK,’ 22/01/2020.

Responding to the report by the charity Education and Employers of January 22 2020 which highlights a disconnect between young people’s career aspirations and available jobs, Justin Smith, Future First Chief Executive Officer, said,

‘Future First endorses the report’s conclusion that careers support should start in primary school, that young people should hear from employers in school and that no young person should feel that a job isn’t for them because of their background.

‘Future First has worked in a thousand state secondary and primary schools and colleges linking young people with employers and with alumni who act as relatable role models by talking to young people about working life and proving to students people ‘like them’ can succeed. Research shows that state students who hear from working alumni are motivated to work harder, feel more confident about their career choices and make better informed decisions about their future careers.’

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