27 November 2019

Jamal talks to us about our Employability Skills Programme in partnership with Rothschild & Co

Jamal, former student of Orchard Bristol School, talks to us about participating in the Employability Skills Programme in partnership with Rothschild & Co.

I didn’t really enjoy school at all if I’m honest, other than playing sports. I did extracurricular sports; in fact, I was in every sports team the school offered! When it came to thinking about future careers I had so many ideas of what I wanted to do once I left school but I never really got to the bottom of what I truly wanted, there was no one specific thing that I stayed focused on.

The Future First workshops helped me in that I saw people who actually went to my school achieve great things, earn themselves a decent amount of money and have a successful career. The workshops pushed me forward because I knew that I could become successful like the volunteers who had come into the school to talk to us.

It was really easy to relate to the volunteers because a lot of them came from the same position that I was in, they didn’t necessarily enjoy school but when they progressed further they started to enjoy it, found their career path and prospered from it.

I gained some new skills from the workshops, I distinctly remember one of the volunteers gave me a couple of tips on how to make a good CV. I also felt as though the workshops helped me to refresh and refine the skills that I already had such as communication skills.

The mock interviews were really helpful because some of the volunteers gave me really useful advice when it comes to being successful at interviews. They told me to create a balance between confidence and over confidence; my personality is really confident so they told me not to overdo it.

The workshops also helped prepare me for what I might do when it comes to having a job. There were sessions on what to do in the workplace environment, do’s and don’ts and how to behave; there were some things that I didn’t know you should do in the workplace so that was quite helpful.

Overall, the things I enjoyed most about the employability skills workshops was interacting with the volunteers, asking how they got on at school and how they got to where they are now; asking them simple questions like do you enjoy what you do. It was helpful to know that people have gone down a career path which they enjoy.

My goal now is to become a chartered accountant; in fact, I have an interview next week for an apprenticeship at an accountancy firm! I’d really like to recommend the Future First workshops, the programme was really good and it has helped me move forward.

If you’d like more information on partnering with Future First, please email info@futurefirst.org.uk