14 November 2018

Brad tells us about returning to his primary school

Brad returned to his old school, Saints Peter and Paul Catholic Primary School, to support as a workshop volunteer. He is a Company Director and has now become a school governor.

I really enjoyed my time at school. I loved to learn and to know things. Even outside of school I’d still be learning. I used to ask “why?” more than anything else. The teachers probably found that very annoying! I was lucky, I really did enjoy every day. I had a great group of friends and nice teachers.

I’m now a dad and my children go to the same school I did and they’ve had a great experience. The way the teachers make themselves approachable and deal with every situation is incredible. The school goes above and beyond to support their children which is why I wanted to get involved. It was my way of saying “thank you” and giving back.

I’d seen the Future First poster a couple of times before I got up the courage to get involved. I’ve recently started working for myself and thought that if I could spare a day I probably should do it. I’m of the opinion that you need to make the most of every opportunity, don’t turn anything down.

Before the first workshop I was so nervous. I didn’t know what I was getting myself into, I’d never done anything like this before. The Future First team were great, they made me feel really relaxed and the children were just brilliant. The level of intelligence in a 10-year-old blew me away! The way they considered life and the things they thought were so interesting. Some of the children’s questions had so much depth, you really had to consider your answer to them because you knew they’d take so much from it – be really listening. The one piece of advice I wanted the children to take away was “it’s nice to be important but it’s more important to be nice”.

After that I signed up to get involved with all the workshops taking place, I blocked them out in my calendar like I would one of my clients. The time I was giving back to the children at my old school was as important as the time I give my paying clients.

From being involved, I really understood how the school is in shaping our children’s lives and thinking. This is what prompted me to take up the Governor vacancy. I knew I wanted to do more and be more involved in ensuring my school and my children’s school continues to do well and the children continue to thrive and also so that everyone in the school community appreciates the full picture of what goes on in a school.

Through doing all of this, I’d like to be able to say that I’ve had a positive impact on the school that’s had a huge impact on me and now my children.