02 August 2016

E-mentoring at St James School, Devon

E-mentoring at St James School, Devon

St James is a growing 11-16 comprehensive in Devon, with approximately 695 students. After a highly successful year in 2014, they have continued to work with Future First to grow and gain value from their alumni network, which now numbers over 350 former students. In 2015, St James embarked on an e-mentoring scheme targeting students allocated pupil premium to motivate and inspire them about life at school and beyond, as well as providing study advice and revision tips.

In combination with other measures, e-mentoring has proved instrumental in giving Year 10 Kaydie the extra confidence and motivation to boost her grades, She has been more focused leading into exams. After talking through her options with her mentor, Alli, Kaydie is now on track to go to college.

Alli and Kaydie were both nominated for Brightside Mentoring Awards. Brightside is the national charity whose technology underpins such mentoring relationships. Alli and Kaydie won awards for best industry mentor and mentee of the year respectively- a fantastic testament to the supportive relationship they developed over the year.

"It targets students where a couple of small interventions could really make a big difference"

Steve Farmer, teacher, St James School

"Before, I wasn't looking forward to college, I thought, 'I don't really want to go', but Alli's made me realise it will help a lot."

Kaydie, Year 10, St James School