05 September 2019

How Amanda is helping her community by returning to her old school

Amanda Mansbridge, former Sydney Russell School student, tells us why she went back to inspire current students and help the community by offering legal advice.

I was a hard working student in school, always going above and beyond what was required. After leaving school I studied to qualify as a lawyer whilst working in the legal field which benefited me as I was able to gain working skills whilst completing my studies.

I signed up to support my old school to show students that if for any reason you’re not able to take the university route it doesn’t necessarily mean you can’t achieve what you set out to do; I want to make sure students look at all the options that are open to them. It was great to visit the school after many years. There have been so many changes and the students now have more opportunities available to them which is great!

I decided to offer the school the opportunity of a legal advice clinic that usually takes place on the first Thursday afternoon of every month during term time. The clinic is open to any teacher, parent or local resident who wish to seek legal advice on any issues they may have because we understand that visiting a solicitor’s office can be either difficult or perhaps daunting for some. I wanted to offer this service to Sydney Russell School as we are a local firm who always like to work with and give back to the local community. I wanted to be able to look at ways that I could give back to my old school and this seemed like a perfect match. An additional benefit is that, if we gain new clients through the clinic, we are able to make a charitable donation to the school that will continue to benefit current students.

My advice to students would be to never give up. Always take any opportunity that may help you on the career path you’re seeking. Listen to your teachers, they are there to help and guide you!

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