06 May 2016

Learning to game at Oathall Community College, Haywards Heath

“This is probably the first lesson I’ve had at Oathall that I can relate to and get a better understanding of what people do. I understood everything you were saying and really enjoyed it”.

Harry, A Level student at Oathall Community College

Oathall Community College, Haywards Heath, has been working with Future First since 2013 to engage former students and invite them back to support current students.

Former student, David Amor, went back to school to speak to an A Level Computing class who were completing their first big piece of programming coursework. The class teacher hoped that by learning from an expert the students would gain a deeper understanding of the scheme of work and also of the wide variety of jobs that are available to them.

David delivered an engaging presentation about his career as a computer games developer and talked about factors that make a good computer game. Much to the students delight, he spoke about candy crush and the possible revenue such a game can generate. The class teacher said that students were extremely engaged, asking questions and showing “great respect for David’s answers”.

The students collated a presentation of thanks to send to David after the lesson. Elliot was pleased to learn that so many of his favourite games were developed in the UK rather than USA. Henry said that the class was one of the most interesting lessons he’d had at Oathall. Matthew described the session as his “favourite lesson ever”. For Ruby, hearing from David confirmed that gaming was the route she wanted to pursue: “You have inspired me to strongly consider going into a programming career”. Robert took David’s advice around going the extra mile and decided to apply to do video game design course in his summer holidays.