13 May 2019

The Benefits of Work Experience

Antony, currently studying A Level History, Geography and Government & Politics at Reigate Sixth Form College, tells us about his week of work experience with ARC Pensions Law – an employer partner of Future First.

I’ve always know that I didn’t want to go to university, at least not in the traditional way, so I thought an apprenticeship could be a great alternative to finding my perfect career. I knew I’d have a lot of free time during the summer months between AS and A Level that I wanted to use productively and so, with an apprenticeship in mind, I set my sights on work experience which I thought would be a great taster of what an apprenticeship might be like.

Future First, together with ARC Pensions Law, offered work experience opportunities to students in my school. I’d always had an interest in employment law so when I was given the opportunity to work at ARC Pensions I decided to give it a try.

Before starting the work experience with ARC Pensions I was excited at the prospect of learning general office culture, working in a close knit team and soaking up as much knowledge as possible from the partners at the firm whilst also creating relationships with them that I could benefit from in the future.

My time at ARC Pensions was incredibly valuable. I learned a great deal in a short period of time from little things such as how to send appropriate emails, how to raise work issues, to larger scale skills such as building a support network within a team of people. I learned a lot about pensions law in general and gained a commercial awareness of the field so much so that I’m thinking of specialising in it in the future.

In September I’m hopefully going straight into a law apprenticeship by the end of which I will have a Level 7 Master’s Degree equivalent alongside the many years of experience I’ll get during my time with them.

I feel as though my work experience with ARC Pensions Law has prepared me enormously for the apprenticeship. Being immersed in the firm and the working environment made me feel comfortable and prepared for the future putting me one step ahead of others with my basic knowledge such as office etiquette as well as specific experience of working with lawyers. During my interview and assessment centre day for the apprenticeship I felt comfortable being around lawyers and I found it easy to connect with them and share the knowledge and behaviours I’d learned during my work experience. It made me feel more confident, speak clearly and generally shine throughout the recruitment process.

The most important take away from my work experience with ARC Pensions Law is that it confirmed my passion for law; I realised that it was definitely the career path I wanted to follow. Having that sort of clarity at a young age is an incredible advantage and one I wouldn’t have had without the work experience opportunity that ARC Pensions and Future First gave me.