The Future of International Trade: Building Networks

What careers advice would you give your younger self?

Future First’s vision is a world where a young person’s start in life does not limit their future, and over the past 10 years we have supported young people all over the county to have meaningful engagements with positive adult role models. We do this by building and engaging communities of school alumni and by creating impactful employer partnerships.

We have reached more than 290,000 young people across 1100 schools and have built a network of more than 240,000 adults.  During this time, we have never met a single adult who had nothing of value to offer.


Commerce in the Classroom

Future First have seen first-hand the transformative effect of giving young people structured access to a wide range of role models; it builds aspirations, broadens horizons and drives motivation. We are now using their decade’s worth of experience to begin an innovative piece of work which focuses on volunteers working in international trade and commerce.

As a growth industry, international trade provides many relevant opportunities for students. According to ONS figures; UK exports  rose by 7.3% to £620.2bn in 2017/18, but within the context of Brexit, innovative approaches in this area are now needed more than ever. The full impact on international trade of the UK leaving the European Union is not yet known, and there are already many challenges with recruitment pipelines within this sector.

Future First want to make it easy as possible for those working in international trade and commerce to support young people. Helping students to understand and develop the skills we will need in employment, providing information and pathways for young people to consider a career in this sector, and opening up many new worlds of opportunity.


Building a network

In response to these challenges Future First are creating a network across the international trade and commerce sector with the aim of activating the network within school communities; brokering relationships and facilitating workshops. Regardless of exactly how your job relates to international trade and commerce, or whether it’s only a small part of your working week, we welcome everyone to sign up.


Exploring an interest in international trade and commerce as a student could completely reshape a young person’s future. If your work is relevant to this sector please sign up to Future First’s network today and if you know someone working in the sector, please share this article with them.