From Uxbridge to San Francisco

Future First has worked with Vyners School in Uxbridge for two years. The school is now supported by a network of over 300 former students who have returned to school for careers networking events, alumni business lunches and to speak about their pathways in assemblies.

The students started their UCAS process last September. One Year 13 student had decided to apply to university in New York to study History. She knew she would have to do an interview to gain entry, and so the school turned to the alumni network to set up a mock interview. They connected the student with an alumnus living in San Francisco, who carried out a mock interview over Skype. The student wrote a note to thank the alumnus:
“In the middle of winter, as the nights draw closer, our world view often contracts to no more than the burning fire in our living rooms. However, this week I dipped my toes into the warm Arabian seas, the sands of the Sahara and the Gulf of Mexico, all made possible by our Vyners Alumnus, Graduating in 1966, who has lived and worked in Europe, South America and the Middle East. I was fortunate enough to have a mock interview with him, over Skype, from his current home in the US. I’ve been looking at Universities in America and his real-life experiences of the US offered me great insights into living and working across the pond. I can testify that our growing alumni network is a great resource that can provide opportunities and insights for all of us.”