You can now sign up ‘Friends of’ to your network

We’re thrilled to have recently launched our ‘friends of’ feature making your portal a platform for your entire volunteer community. The ‘friends of’ feature allows you to sign up friends of your school and college, such as governors, parents and former staff, in addition to current alumni.

Once the featured is enabled in your portal, your friends will have a different icon on the search page and filters allow you to differentiate between friends and alumni when searching and mailing. For guidance on enabling and using this feature, open the portal guide in our Digital Toolkit and read the ‘my account’ section.

With the majority of schools and colleges already in contact with non-alumni volunteers for events it makes sense to keep everyone on one database saving time and centralising communication when coordinating events. Another major benefit of having non-alumni volunteers stored on the portal is that personal data is fully secure since our platform is completely GDPR compliant.

“During our work with primary schools we often invite ‘friends of’ a school such as parents, former staff or local community representatives to help out at events. The children enjoy learning about people from their local area who have gone into a range of different pathways and jobs. It really broadens their horizons and makes them feel like they could do the same.” – Amy Cuffley, Head of Primary at Future First.

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