The Brightside Awards: alumni nominations

Two years ago, a mentor and mentee from St James School in Devon were recognised at the Brightside Awards. Kaydee and her mentor Ali won awards for best industry mentor and mentee of the year – a fantastic testament to the supportive relationship they developed over the year.

E-mentoring allows alumni to play a regular, motivational role in a student’s life, even if they live far from the school.

This year, we’ve nominated another terrific pair from Tiverton High School, North Devon. The Tiverton e-mentoring programme targeted high-achieving Year 10 boys who are in receipt of pupil premium. Alex has been nominated for mentee of the year, while both Alex and his mentor, Pete, are up for pairing of the year.

Throughout the project, Alex asked mature and pertinent questions to find out as much as he could about the options available to him. Pete provided thorough and considered answers to Alex’s questions and went the extra mile when he felt he was unable to provide suitable answers. When Alex told Pete he was thinking of applying to Oxford or Cambridge, Pete collected questions from him to send to a friend who had studied at Oxford.

By end of the project, Alex had chosen three university courses: Engineering at Imperial College London, Engineering Science at Oxford and Engineering at Cambridge. Pete supported Alex’s high aspirations and gave him encouragement and tips on how to get there.

We’re hoping to share good news after the awards in June. Watch this space!