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Role models transform lives. Just think for a moment about the people who have made a difference for you. Relatable role models – people like you – are powerful. We give students, particularly disadvantaged students, purposeful connections with people like them – people who went to their school, grew up on their estate, overcame difficulties and went on to succeed.

You can give a child a better future this Christmas by helping us to provide the inspirational role models they deserve (but don’t always have at home). Sign up to give back, as a role model, or make a donation. 94p of every pound helps shape young lives.

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How can I help?

We want your money or your time – or better still both!

Donate now.

Every little helps and goes towards our crucial frontline work in schools, for example:

  • For every £2250 we raise, we can build a powerful alumni network in a school
  • For every £5000 we raise, we can provide a mentoring programme in a school with an alumni network
  • For every £7250 we raise we can enable the most deprived schools to develop both an alumni network and a mentoring scheme for their young people

Give a little of your time

  • Sign up as one of our alumni with your local school and be a role model or young people
  • If your former school doesn’t have a network you can be a national alumni helping young people across the UK
  • Encourage your friends to support Future First and sign up or donate
  • Support Future First to continue our work with access to office space, meeting space, expertise or staff support. Contact Business Services Director, Laura Underwood
  • Become an employer partner and provide young people with access to the world of work, creating volunteering opportunities for your staff and making a difference. Contact Partnerships Director, Charlie Ledley

Whether you choose to make a one-off donation or become a regular donor, your support will help more young people around the UK to access relatable role models. For every £1 raised, 95p goes directly to improving confidence, motivation and life chances for young people across the UK.

Please give whatever you can, time or money. Help improve the lives and life chances of young people and show them a future can be theirs.

If you have any questions or need any extra information about how to donate to Future First, please get in touch or by calling 020 7239 8933.