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The Future First Hub is our bespoke alumni community management platform. Based on a decade of working with school and college leadership teams, the Hub offers a safe and secure space for staff, students and alumni to come together online.

With a familiar, social media style interface, and developed to protect the safety of students, the hub provides a simple and intuitive space for schools and colleges to easily and safely connect students and alumni online. Alumni can use the Hub to build their professional networks and access resources and opportunities, and school and college staff can source alumni volunteers at the click of a button.

Brand new Future First Hub – one, time-saving package


You’ll get access to

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Hub features include:

  • Engagement feed: a space for you and your alumni to share news, updates and memories
  • Groups: you, your alumni and your students can interact within public and closed custom groups, themed by subject, sector or special interest
  • Search functions: all users can browse the community, and students can safely ask alumni questions via public (and moderated) profile posts
  • Opportunities: alumni and students will benefit from access to diverse opportunities, such as jobs and work experience placements
  • Resources: a host of podcasts, guides, videos and other content will be available to students and alumni. You can share school or college content with your community as well
  • Dashboard: access data and insights on your alumni community
  • Multi Academy Trust access: our Hub allows groups of schools to establish a multi-network community

The new Future First Hub is the gateway to easily managing, building and sustaining a thriving alumni community on a digital platform that is safe and straightforward to use. Contact us today to find out more and for a personal demonstration of what the Future First Hub can do for your school, college or trust.

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