22 March 2021

Harnessing the power of partnerships for the benefit of children

Tens of thousands of state school pupils benefit from partnerships between independent schools and state schools every single year.

These partnerships help to build relationships between schools so they can share valuable resources and knowledge, enable staff to collaborate and share expertise and importantly, enable pupils from different backgrounds to learn together and build mutual respect for each other.

Future First is interested in exploring how these partnerships could be expanded to benefit all. 

Future First helps state schools broaden their students’ horizons by connecting them with relatable role models and our purpose is to see every state school and college supported by a thriving and engaged alumni community, so students gain the confidence, motivation, and inspiration they need to live successful lives. 

Independent schools have successfully utilised their alumni networks for generations and state schools are still trying to catch up – while 67% of independent school teachers used alumni to offer students access to careers and world of work opportunities, only 26% of state secondaries did so in 2019.* At Future First, we seek to provide a strong framework for state schools who may not have the same capacity as independent schools.

In such a challenging economic and social landscape, our help could be invaluable to young people and so we are reaching out to independent schools with existing partnerships for advice through this anonymous and short survey.

*Teacher Tapp. 21 05 2019