28 September 2021

Introducing our new Future First Hub

We are thrilled to be launching the Future First Hub, a new simple-to-use interactive digital platform supporting schools and colleges to easily and safely connect students and alumni in one place.

Based on a decade of working with school and college staff and leadership teams, this new tool has been designed to practically support the creation and management of a thriving alumni community – offering a safe and secure space for school and college staff, students and alumni to come together, with minimum effort required.

Built to work like a social media app, and developed to protect the safety of students, the Future First Hub will provide a safe space for schools to easily connect students and alumni online. And for busy teachers to find alumni volunteers that meet their requirements.

It offers a unique online community which schools can organically grow and a space for former
pupils, wherever they are, to provide the next generation with the advice and support needed to build successful lives and careers. Evidence shows that encounters with relatable role models, ‘people like me’, build confidence, resilience, motivation to study and engagement with school life.

For the first time, the benefits will be felt by alumni and students alike, with unique access to a range of resources, videos, podcasts, advice, jobs and opportunities and the potential to grow professional networks at the click of a button.

The new Future First hub is the gateway to easily managing, building and sustaining a thriving alumni community on a digital platform that is safe and straightforward to use.

Find out more here and contact us today to find out more about our membership packages and for a personal demonstration of what the Future First Hub can do for your school or college.

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