Launching the Future First eBulletin

Welcome to the new Future First eBulletin. You’re receiving the eBulletin because you have expressed an interest in Future First, or you are one of our members, partners or supporters. We hope you’ll enjoy reading it each month. We will share news and stories from Future First and the exciting ways in which our schools and colleges are using alumni up and down the country. Our main focus will be on highlighting the impact of relatable role models across the country. We will also provide reports of our work with employers and other partners, dates for the diary and opportunities for schools and colleges.

The launch of our eBulletin comes at an exciting time for Future First. We’re growing, with more schools and employer partners, a bigger team and more alumni volunteers signed up than ever before. In 2015/16, we worked with over 400 schools and 82,850 young people and we now have more than 180,000 alumni signed up to stay in touch with their old schools. We’re looking forward to working with even more schools, colleges, alumni and partners this coming year.

We hope you enjoy reading about the exciting work underway up and down the country. If you have any suggestions of things you would like to hear about or if you are a school or college that would like to us to feature an interesting way in which you have engaged your alumni, please get in touch with our Senior Communications Officer, Anna at