05 October 2021

Samson: why Black History Month is important to me and my top tips for students

Hey, my name is Samson,

I’m a second-year university student studying Media, Communication and Sociology with Quantitative Methods, with a previous year studying Economics.

I’m also a professional photographer and amateur videographer and video editor when I’m not studying. I’m of Nigerian descent but only know the UK as my home. 

Black History Month is vital as it is a way for members of the BAME community to get in contact with their history and ancestral homeland which is often forgotten in day-to-day life. These celebrations are important because they are both useful for those who don’t know about BAME culture and because they allow for the exploration into that culture, providing a larger sense of community unity and understanding – which is one of the most important reasons why it should be celebrated in schools. 

I’ve been blessed with many great role models, however there are two specific role models that I want to tell you about. Firstly, my uncle, he is a teacher and sparked my love of media and photography. He additionally taught me about motivation and dreaming big and planning towards it. My second role model works in the civil service and has provided me with many opportunities in the working world, from visiting 10 Downing street, or placements in the home office and ministry of justice. 

From these role models I have learned some key things: 

  • Try everything and put yourself out there. You miss every shot you don’t take.
  • Know how to fail. Personally – and not to toot my own horn – failure was a foreign concept to me until I experienced it. Knowing how to accept failure and use it as a stimulus to better has only ever helped me. 
  • Know when to ask for help and how to accept help. My mum has a saying “no man is an island” and I would never have got the vast multitude of opportunities I’ve been given on my own

So, by following these three pieces of advice, trying everything, getting help, and knowing how to fail, only success can follow. 

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