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About this document


We are Future First.


We are a charity which works with schools in England and Wales.

We help schools keep in touch with the people who studied there.

This document is about:

  • Information we may have about you
  • How we use the information for our work
  • How we keep your information private and safe


By giving us your information and saying ‘I agree’ on the sign up form, you are saying it’s okay for us to use and share your information in this way.

There are new rules about how we must keep your information.

The new rules are called the General Data Protection Regulation.

The rules started in May 2018.

What information might we have about you?

Sometimes we might have some information about you.

For example, if you sign up to our website, use our services or support our work.

We might have information like:

  • Your name, address, age, phone number or email address
  • The area you live in
  • The school(s) you went to
  • Exams you have done
  • Jobs you have had
  • How you want to help your school

We have this information because you share it with us.

Some people might update your information if you tell them it has changed. These people are staff at Future First and at your old school.

Why we keep information about you and other people

Keeping information about people helps us and your old school do much better work.


Information about you helps because:

  • We can work with your school better
  • We can keep in touch with you
  • Your school can send you things you might be interested in
  • We understand who has signed up

Information sharing

There are two main types of organisation we might share your information with:


  • Your old school
  • Larger organisations your old school is a part of (we ask you if you want to share with them, and you can say no)

If your school doesn’t work with us at the moment, we may send them your information to let them know you want to keep in touch.

If your school does work with us and decides to stop, we will send them your information so they can stay in touch with you. We will keep your information in case they start working with us in the future.

Some other organisations can see some of your information because they help us do our work.

They can’t use the information for anything we don’t ask them to do. For example, we might ask them to help us send emails.

They keep your information safe and protected.

Other organisations, like the government, have information about you too.

Sometimes we will link up our information about you with their information about you.

We do this to understand how our charity makes people’s lives better.

How we can get information about you

The main way we get information about you is what you tell us when you sign up to our website.

You might also tell people at your old school something about yourself.

You might tell someone from Future First something about yourself.

Some information relating to you can be seen by anyone in the public.


This might include the kind of jobs that people in your area do, or how much people earn.

How we keep your information private and safe

Future First and your old school are in charge of your information at all times.

We will:
  • Keep all information about you safe For example information on our websites and computers. We follow law and rules about this
  • Tell you when we have information about you and how we will use it
  • Keep the information as long as we need it and get rid of it when we don’t
  • Ask you before we share your information (unless there is a big problem – but this is very unlikely)
  • Use your information in a good and fair way at all times
  • Make sure our staff and organisations we work with know how to keep your information safe

What to do if you are not happy with it

You can say if you are not happy with the information we have about you or how we use it.


For example, you can:

Ask us to stop sending you emails or letters about our work
You can click unsubscribe in two places:


  1. at the bottom of any email to do this
  2. on your profile when you log in
  • Ask us for a copy of the information we have about you
  • Ask us to change any wrong information about you
  • Ask us to delete (get rid of) information we have about you if you think there is a good reason
  • Ask us to stop using your information for our work

When you sign up to our website you create an account.

You can log in to this account using your email address and password.

You can change your information by logging into this account.

You can contact us:

On the phone

020 7239 8933

By post

Data Protection Request
Future First
86-90 Paul Street